If Only Covid-19 Caused Permanent, Full-Body Hair Loss

Would the face mask debate be over?

Karen Lappa Haas
4 min readDec 14, 2020


Photo by Markus Spiske on Pixabay

Would America’s most senseless debate — to wear a face mask or to not wear a face mask — still be raging if Covid-19 caused its victims, every victim, to suffer permanent, full-body hair loss?

The answer to that question is: “No.” No. The debate would be over.

If only life was that simple. If only the genetic code for hair loss was imbedded in the Covid-19 virus, thereby causing baldness.

For if Covid-19 did cause baldness, all of humanity would have masked up due to vanity as word of the virus spread during the early months of 2020. The United States population would have been no exception. No matter which debate position one takes in our blue and red states — masks as life-savers or masks as democracy-killers — one can acknowledge that Americans would have become laser-focused on winning the war against their newest enemy, an enemy known as permanent-non-life-threatening-Covid-19-related hair loss.

In reality, during the early months of 2020, the government, media, and healthcare experts were reporting that a new, highly-contagious virus had reached the U.S. and was causing serious incapacitation and death. Health care advisors recommended that the public wear face masks, the simplest of all common sense restrictions, to slow the spread of the virus. As history books will describe in cringe-worthy detail, many Americans responded by refusing to wear masks, showing that they were willing to ignore (or deny) the proven serious health risks of the virus.

The great mask debate had begun.

What if it had been revealed, in March of 2020, that permanent hair loss was the first symptom? What if journalists were already sharing stories of Covid-19 survivors in China whose first symptoms were the loss of smell, taste, and hair, and who remained hairless five months after recovering? What if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was reporting during daily briefings that victims in New York City, whether they had a mild case or serious case, all experienced total body hair loss?

Had that occurred, the demand to institute a national mask mandate would have been ubiquitous and dominated the U.S. news, marginalizing…



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